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How were you raised?

Person mopping floor

Did anyone else out there have mean parents who made them participate with household chores, encourage you to get a part-time job and made you clean up after yourself?

Well, mine did. I remember cleaning half the house every weekend and having to do the dishes with my sister after dinner every day.

We had to help out around the house in other ways too. Like cutting the grass, cleaning up after the dog and cat, help with the laundry and we made our own lunches for school.

I know that when I was a kid, I complained to my parents many times because it seemed as though none of my friends had to do all the household responsibilities that I had to. I’d cry “it just isn’t fair, why do I have to do all this stuff?”

Years later, I could see that my parents were doing their best to teach me how to be a responsible adult. They didn't have a manual on how to raise kids, and they believed it was important to teach their children how to be independent adults able to take care of themselves.

What parent doesn’t want that for their child? Every parent is doing the best they can with what they have. Kids don’t come with a manual, so all parents have to go by is how they were raised, the environment and other people as they grew up, plus their own ideas.

None of us are perfect. I believe we are all perfectly imperfect. I'm grateful that my parents taught us the skills to survive and how to take care of myself to the best of their ability.

I inevitably taught my children the same. It is a family value. Every family has values and being different from my family, is what it is! Different. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It just is.

We may not understand why people do what they do! And That is ok. It is their life and they can live their life how they choose. We all deserve that respect!


I’m Coach Jackie Thomas.

I also happen to be a Nurse in the Healthcare field. I’ve been a PSW as well.

I’m a wife and mom who loves her family. But, sometimes, after a “bad day” or dealing with some intense trauma, I was triggered and brought it home to my kids and spouse. It wasn’t working.

At the height of my burnout, I went looking for solutions. Anything to make me feel better again. To love my career again. To reignite my passion again.

I found evolved NLP. The combination of science meets spiritual resonated with me. The work is founded in practices of forgiveness and healing on a cellular level for lasting true change.

To rebound, rebuild, and repair from days of trauma, disease, and stress.

To reclaim our passion to serve.

To love our career and our lives - at the same time.

These tools gave me my life back.

They can do the same for you.

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