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Healing With Animals

My husband and I have been thinking about welcoming a dog into our home for over 2 years. You see, we have four children between us. He has two daughters and I have a daughter and a son.

It has been a long time since we have had a pet dog. Our beloved Marty passed away in 2008. We have cared for a couple of dogs for friends and family over the years, which was nice. It was also nice to give the dogs back to their owners. Kinda like what I hear grandparents say. “The best part is giving them back.”

I knew I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of caring for a dog no matter how much my kids asked for one. Often times, kids forget and also they just don’t realize the responsibility of caring for another living being. I am all too familiar with the challenges we face, as a parent, raising our children.

I also wasn’t ready to have a dog because as a child I had seen some unpleasant and misguided way of caring for animals which I knew in my heart of hearts was very wrong. I was afraid of unconsciously repeating those behaviours. Thanx to QCP I no longer have this fear.

Imagine, your children are yelling and screaming that their sister ate the last cookie. While you're thinking about your Mom’s well being since she had a fall and you’ve been struggling to get your project done at work, and your husband recently received news from his doctor that he needs to make some lifestyle changes or he’ll have a heart attack…. hearing your child scream about his sister eating the last cookie seem trivial. And it's seductive to tell your child that the cookie isn’t that important.

However, saying that to your child is not exactly expressing empathy and fails to appreciate what is important to them. I get it. It’s tough. I have learned that when we are stressed and have so much going on, we often return to autopilot, our unconscious programming, that we picked up while we were children. This is the origin of my fear of repeating that misguided way of caring for animals.

It has taken years of working on my self-development, learning who I am, what my needs are, and how to communicate them within my relationships before I felt ready to welcome a four-legged loved one into my home. I needed to be ready to care for a toddler. That is how I view all the care & work involved in raising a puppy (and myself for that matter). I am so excited and happy that I have made it this far.

I have read many articles on how dogs have a healing effect on people who have suffered from trauma, be it abuse, a traumatic event including parolees. Having had experienced trauma myself, I just knew in my heart of hearts that raising a puppy would teach me so much. And I am super excited for this journey and to share it with you!

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I’m Coach Jackie Thomas.

I also happen to be a Nurse in the Healthcare field. I’ve been a PSW as well.

I’m a wife and mom who loves her family. But, sometimes, after a “bad day” or dealing with some intense trauma, I was triggered and brought it home to my kids and spouse. It wasn’t working.

At the height of my burnout, I went looking for solutions. Anything to make me feel better again. To love my career again. To reignite my passion again.

I found evolved NLP. The combination of science meets spiritual resonated with me. The work is founded in practices of forgiveness and healing on a cellular level for lasting true change.

To rebound, rebuild, and repair from days of trauma, disease, and stress.

To reclaim our passion to serve.

To love our career and our lives - at the same time.

These tools gave me my life back.

They can do the same for you.

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