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Google As Your Doctor

No one knows how I feel inside

I have seen many patients over the years. In my experience, I see patients who are full of life with a positive attitude and frame of mind. I also see patients who are incredibly anxious and worry about everything. Take a guess at which patient uses Google to “learn” more about their illness?

I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that what you focus on expands and that we create our lives through our thoughts. With that being said. We have at least 90,000 thoughts per day. It is impossible to track each and every thought we have. These thoughts affirm to ourselves what we will create in our lives. If we have thoughts like, “I am going to have a house and a wonderful family” then you probably will. If you have thoughts like, “I can never make enough money,” you probably never will. Both phrases are affirmations. the only difference is one affirms a positive outlook while the other affirms limitations and lack.

When I was a young mother, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. I like many other people watched the news. I wasn’t terribly interested in what was on the news, I more or less wanted to know what the weather was going to be like for the day so I could dress my kids appropriately.

I had been taking my kids to a Mom and tot support group where they taught young Mom’s about healthy meals and gave tips on activities to keep kids engaged. One of the staff there had noticed I was struggling with depression as I was sad, angry and overwhelmed like a lot of the Mom’s that showed up at these support groups.

She started talking to me trying to warm up to me and get me to talk. I really didn’t talk much back in those days. I was running on the program of “stranger danger,” and “Only Speak when spoken to.” Once we got chatting she asked me if I watch the news. I responded that I would have CP 24 on to find out about the weather. She asked me how I feel when I watch the news, which I respond that it bothers me to see so much hurt, pain and chaos in the world. I feel helpless, feeling like, what can I do about it? I can barely take care of myself and my children. She encouraged me to stop watching the news. Which was really great advice. From that moment on, I found other weather channels to know the weather for the day. For a long time, I actually would just ask someone else about the weather so I wouldn’t be exposing myself to the news.

I felt so much better having completely kept the news out of my daily living. Now, people have said to me countless times, “If you don’t watch the news, how will you know what is going on in the world?” I say, if I really need to know, you can bet your ass, someone will tell me. Others have said, “You’re living a sheltered life, you’re head is in the sand.” I replied, “Well, I prefer to create my life rather than have someone else place images in my mind that I would rather not have.”

You see, in my experience in my nursing practice, the patients who get sicker, are the ones who are watching the news and googling their diagnosis. These are the people who are focused on what is wrong in the world. And I believe that if you focus on what is wrong, it will invite more of it into your world.

A grave example, The first school shooting happened in UVa on November 15, 1840, 159 years before Columbine. The Columbine high school shooting happened 19 years ago On April 20, 1999. (Colorado Sun).

There have been more than 90 school shootings since the incident at Columbine Highschool in 1999.

I encourage patients to avoid using the internet to look up their diagnosis as it is like reading a different language and that I wouldn’t know how to do their job so please avoid having Google do the doctors or your nurse's job. The thing is, anyone can put anything on the internet. And I strongly encourage you to seek the advice of your healthcare professional to answer your questions and clarify anything you need to know. Because Google is not your doctor, google does not have all the pieces to the puzzle & cannot explain to you what is potentially going on. And there is no point focusing attention on something that just might not even be so.

Humans have intuition, a gut feeling which, according to research, is based on experience and knowledge acquired over time. People have the ability to use their knowledge and experience to determine the best treatment plan with your best interest in mind. The internet cannot do that.


I’m Coach Jackie Thomas.

I also happen to be a Nurse in the Healthcare field. I’ve been a PSW as well.

I’m a wife and mom who loves her family. But, sometimes, after a “bad day” or dealing with some intense trauma, I was triggered and brought it home to my kids and spouse. It wasn’t working.

At the height of my burnout, I went looking for solutions. Anything to make me feel better again. To love my career again. To reignite my passion again.

I found evolved NLP. The combination of science meets spiritual resonated with me. The work is founded in practices of forgiveness and healing on a cellular level for lasting true change.

To rebound, rebuild, and repair from days of trauma, disease, and stress.

To reclaim our passion to serve.

To love our career and our lives - at the same time.

These tools gave me my life back.

They can do the same for you.

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