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Come From Away

~ finding love in a time of tragedy

Watching this documentary both fills my heart and breaks it. The tragedy from 911 was devastating. It was also so amazing to see the beauty and love of mankind. It is so beautiful to see all the natives of Newfoundland Labrador be so generous, loving and caring for all the thousands of people rerouted there on their aircrafts.

The Divine, God, The universe, no matter what you want to call it, the higher power, really does reside within each and every one of us. The people were living off adrenaline, says the Mayor of Gander.

With 38 planes grounded, they also made sure the animals that were on the planes were cared for. There were two Monkeys on one of the planes.

After five days, American Air space had been opened. The people were overwhelmed with all the chaos in the world. A couple people found love amidst all this tragedy. Even at 60 years of age, people can find love.

The people felt loved, even though they were refugees. A french man said he ate better in Gander than he ever had in France.

The people from Gander learned to take care of each other. It is in their culture. This behaviour was passed down from generation to generation. The people who came from away express their gratitude for everything the people from Gander have done for them. They were happy to be going home, and saddened because they had enjoyed their stay in Gander.

The people of gander felt lonely after all the passengers left. There were many donations from the passengers in thanks for all that was done for them. The people of Gander learned that they are living in a good place. The people from Gander have a memorial every year and some passengers return to participate in the memorial.

Some time later, some people from Gander made a trip to New York. From the forest to The concrete jungle of New York. The people from Gander had the opportunity to see the devastation the New Yorkers experienced while the New Yorkers had the opportunity to see the love of humankind.

This story warms my heart and overwhelms me with love and joy that people can be so loving and caring. From this tragedy, births the musical “Come From Away” which beautifully depicts the kindness and generosity of the people of Gander Newfoundland. It is a display of mankind coming together. A love story which resulted in a marriage that otherwise would never have happened. Two women with the shared loss of their son’s, found a love for each other.

Human Kindness will out do hatred any day ~ Gander Judge


I’m Coach Jackie Thomas.

I also happen to be a Nurse in the Healthcare field. I’ve been a PSW as well.

I’m a wife and mom who loves her family. But, sometimes, after a “bad day” or dealing with some intense trauma, I was triggered and brought it home to my kids and spouse. It wasn’t working.

At the height of my burnout, I went looking for solutions. Anything to make me feel better again. To love my career again. To reignite my passion again.

I found evolved NLP. The combination of science meets spiritual resonated with me. The work is founded in practices of forgiveness and healing on a cellular level for lasting true change.

To rebound, rebuild, and repair from days of trauma, disease, and stress.

To reclaim our passion to serve. To love our career and our lives - at the same time.

These tools gave me my life back. They can do the same for you.

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