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Just like in Healthcare, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to treatment. So, let’s instead discuss the process or triage of working together.

Healthcare is in your blood. It’s part of who you are. Or, rather who you thought you wanted to be. You may have chosen this career but some days, it feels like it chose you.

You went from passionate to burnt-out… in what felt like 2.2 seconds.

And, it’s no wonder, as Healthcare frontline workers have s-t-r-e-s-s from all sides. You feel overworked, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated.

Where once was this undeniable passion for humans and helping is now this sense of dread at the reality of it.

You lost your spark. Your edge.

You now find yourself begging for time away to regroup, rest and recover. You catch yourself frustrated at colleagues and other frontline folks. You even have developed a daydream of tossing it all in for an island in the sun.

I know you have because… I have, too.

I’m Jackie Thomas, a Healthcare Professional, just like you. And, just like you, I experienced extreme burnout because of my nursing career.

I knew something had to change - and so do you.

So, I studied and designed a solution to reclaim my career and my life by harnessing that which was destroying me.
A way to reignite my passion, purpose, and path.
A way to move from total burnout to passionately driven.

And, I’m sharing it… with you.

You are a freaking hero.

You deserve to feel passionately driven to serve and support. Not wanting to hide under the covers and dreading your shifts.

I can change that.


Step 1: Connection

A complimentary call to connect and determine if we may be a great fit and if I can get you the results you need.

Step 2: Triage

We triage with a 20-min session to discuss your experiences and ways I can support you.

Step 3: Prescription/Treatment

With a recommended course of action, we get to work. It can be emotional, physical, and ritual work but you’ll begin releasing the burnout and reigniting your passion again in no time.

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